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Elijah Company

Our three-day Elijah Company intensives will draw you deeper into your prophetic identity with biblical revelation, impartation and activation that puts a demand on your anointing. Our classes will help you identify and remove limitations to your prophetic flow, challenge biases that hinder the accuracy of your prophetic voice, and inspire you to stand in boldness in your God-given office.

Next Intensive Dates April 7-9, 2022 in Ft. Lauderdale

Event Schedule
Day 1: Doors Open at 3 pm. Program runs to 9 pm or after with a dinner break on your own.
Day 2: Doors Open at 9 am. Program runs to 9 pm or after with lunch and dinner break on your own.
Day 3: Doors Open at 9 am. Classes end at 1 pm. Mass Deliverance Service starts at 6 pm.
Who Should Apply? Our intensives are not for everybody—and not for every prophet. We’re looking to invest in prophets who fit a specific profile: 
  • Five-fold prophets with an emerging or recognized prophetic ministry
  • Prophets who understand the need for ongoing training
  • Prophets who want to level up in their office to impact nations
  • Prophets who are teachable
Your Equipping When you are accepted into the Elijah company, you are part of a pure prophetic nest that is committed to learning and growing. You will receive:
  • Access to two three-day intensives each year with hands-on training and mentoring
  • Networking opportunities with other students live and via private Facebook group
  • Log in to student dashboard with videos
  • Discounts on classes
Certificates Granted You are eligible to receive a graduation certificate verifying your participation upon completion of the one-year program upon request after completing two successive live events.
Ordination Available After successful completion of the one-year program, you are eligible to be considered for ordination and formal five-fold alignment in the Ignite Prophetic Alliance in a public ceremony.
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When Prophets Come Out of the Cave

Where Prophets Find Acceptance in a Company

The Power of Aligning With Prophets

Gaining Confidence in Your Prophetic Anointing

Bringing Correction in Love

Receiving the Raw Truth About Prophetic Ministry

Rescued from the Trenches

Prophets Walking in the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord

A Divine Appointment With the Prophets

Finding Prophetic Identity

Overcoming Fear of Prophesying Publicly

When Sudden Deliverance Come in a Company of Prophets


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